I am a professional Graphic Designer with a Masters degree, and five years of professional experience. I assist in delivering creative solutions for small and large businesses who wish to brand and advertise their business profile using multimedia. I have a strong attention to detail, am resourceful, and have good communication skills. I have a global perspective after working in a range of companies worldwide specializing in communication, media, and entertainment.

I am very diverse in my field and have the ability to monitor the design process from its conceptual to final stage. I can offer both artistic and technical results after thorough research, making my work flexible to the needs of my clients. 

What makes my work unique

  • I offer fine art and drawing skills.
  • I am comfortable in working with all mediums, making it flexible for the needs of my clients.
  • I can monitor the design process from beginning to end, which demonstrates my ability to effectively research and conceptualize solutions.
  • I have traveled, which has given me a global perspective, and has enriched my knowledge in exploring new ideas within the field of Design. 


My additional interests aside from Design include music, painting, and fashion!